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Greenwich Pediatric Dentist

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Painless Dental Care in Greenwich

Greenwich Pediatric Dentist
Greenwich Pediatric Dentist

Are you looking for an expert and highly trained dentist who will be able to provide you and your entire family with top-notch dental care? Do you want your new dentist to be a specialist in pediatric dentistry who can provide your kid not only with great dental care, but also with a great foundation of positive experiences at the dental office? Is it important that you find a dentist who provides painless dental care, using the most modern techniques and equipment for treatment of pediatric and adult dental needs? If so, you definitely want to come in to our practice, My Creative Dentist, to see our Greenwich pediatric dentist as well as to receive adult dental care.

Our well-liked and well-respected dentist is Dr. Masis Yeterian. At our dental practice, our dentist is able to provide patients with a very wide range of dental services including those that fall under the specialties of pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, dental implant apology, and dental hygiene. If your child needs a teeth cleaning, checkup, or even a complex orthodontic procedure performed, our dentist will be able to help your child with all of his or her dental needs. If an emergency occurs – for example, a tooth is knocked out during a soccer game or other activity – you can always count on our Greenwich pediatric dentist to be there when you need him to provide effective emergency treatment.

Pediatric dentistry involves addressing many different facets of a child’s oral development. A great pediatric dentist, such as ours, understands and is specially trained to deal with the special challenges that a child’s growing jaw and erupting teeth can present. It is often important to influence a child’s joy growth so that it will be able to effectively accommodate all of their erupting teeth. If this is not done, additional orthodontic care will be needed as they get older, and the patient will most likely need teeth extractions. An understanding of pediatric dentistry includes how to shape a child’s jaw line and facilitate the optimal position for the new permanent teeth. If you would like for your child to see our Greenwich pediatric dentist, and receives painless dental care, contact us today.

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