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As a new parent, there are few things that are more exciting in your life than experiencing the many first that your daughter or son experiences in their bright and lively world. However, while parents are always the first to book each doctor appointment for a simple dietary check-up or regularly scheduled vaccination, even the most watchful and concerned of parents can leave things behind. This is because while we are often so worried about the health of our newborn children, their weight and their ability to resist disease, we can often overlook what has only just begun to take shape. Children need to be visiting their local Greenwich pediatric dentist of My Creative Dentist in order to receive the care they need to grow into a healthy smile for life.

06807 Pediatric Dentistry
06807 Pediatric Dentistry

For many of us, pediatric dental care is not an aspect we think of often. This is because many of us simply don’t think of teeth as needing to be cared for until much later in life. However, the necessary diet which newborns need in order to grow strong is the very same that can often spell trouble for new teeth. Formula and baby food both contain high amounts of sugar, and as baby’s teeth cannot be brushed with toothpaste, it is important they receive professional attention in order to insure they stay just as strong and healthy as your child’s body. Parents can begin care as soon as their child is born by wiping down baby’s gums between feedings with a damp wash cloth or wet piece of gauze to remove excess food from gums. As soon as your son or daughter grows their first tooth, usually at about six months of age, they are ready for their first visit to their professional Greenwich pediatric dentist.

Pediatric dental exams and cleanings can work to identify any problems in your child’s mouth before they can cause any harm, while working to care for young teeth by providing professional cleanings. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at your trusted Greenwich pediatric dentist recommend booking your infant’s appointment in the earliest hours possible, when children are well-rested and at their most cooperative, insuring an easy appointment for parents and children alike. Cleanings can work to gently remove excess plaque, as well as monitor young teeth for healthy growth and proper placement throughout their smiles.

At My Creative Dentist our team has been proud to serve our local community as your neighborhood Greenwich pediatric dentist for over forty years. We pride ourselves on offer comfortable and educational pediatric dental care that works to care children and parents alike. With regular appointments to My Creative Dentist you can insure your child grows into a healthy and beautiful smile.

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