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Common causes of teeth stains in Stamford

Everyone seems to want a whiter smile these days, and it’s no wonder why. White smiles are desirable for many reasons, and they are also associated with healthy smiles, too. But even healthy smiles can have stains and leave you feeling like you’re missing out or doing something wrong. To reverse tooth stains and brighten your smile, you may want to consider teeth whitening in Stamford here at My Creative Dentist. We can tell you more about the most common causes of tooth stains and we can help you get the smile you have always dreamed of.

Tooth stains are caused by plenty of things. Bad oral health and hygiene can be one of the worst culprits. Not taking care of your oral hygiene by brushing and flossing, eating poorly, or using tobacco frequently can leave your teeth looking yellow, brown, and grimy quite quickly. Plus, poor hygiene is directly linked with poor health, easily leading to tooth decay and gum disease which can make your teeth look even worse. But even people who take good care of their teeth and gums can experience stains. Sometimes, it’s genetic, and other times it is a matter of diet and age. Your teeth can slowly become discolored with time, and certain foods like coffee, tea, wine, and more can all cause stains to form over the years. Here at My Creative Dentist, we can provide you with the whitening treatment to change your life. Here at our offices, Dr. Masis Yeterian has been helping patients attain healthier and better looking smiles for over twenty years. Dr. Yeterian offers two whitening options, one that is performed in-office and another that can be taken home. Both bleaching procedures are completely tailored to your teeth and your preferences so you are guaranteed to see the best possible results.

When it comes to teeth whitening in Stamford, you won’t get it better anywhere other than My Creative Dentist. To learn more or to set up your visit with Dr. Yeterian, call us today.

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